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Halifax Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Colin MacLeod is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing out of Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia. Dr. MacLeod provides safe and effective treatments which blend ancient traditional medicine with modern science and research. He is passionate about helping patients achieve optimal health, prevention of disease and a long, happy life.

Naturopathic Services

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. MacLeod teaches his patients to use diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to enhance their bodies’ ability to ward off disease. He also utilizes specialty services including IV nutrient treatments, Myers cocktail, prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy, acupuncture, prolozone and chelation therapy. The ultimate goal is to treat the root cause of disease, prevent chronic illness and promote health and vitality.

Naturopathic Services

If you are interested in improving your health call today to book an initial 1-hour consultation. Dr. MacLeod practices out of MacLeod Naturopathic in Halifax and Sydney, NS.


800-689-8264 (fax)
MacLeod Naturopathic
13589 Peggys Cove Rd.
Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia

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